Probably the number 1 benefit of dealing with a professional wholesaler is choice. Being a wholesaler, we have the ability to offer a choice of different brands & producst depending on your individual needs & wants… It is our choice to take on a brand or product, not something placed on our shoulders & pushed to sell. From bobby pins through to top of the range shampoo lounges, Kimdec will always offer you an unbiased opinion & choice



Why we love it: Affinage offers a complete salon solution. At the forefront of their portfolio is our favourite colour system, Affinage Infiniti featuring DAT2 Diamond Activation Technology. A low ammonia, creme/gel based formula nourishes the hair whilst providing intensive shine & long lasting colour. Essential Oils & White Ice hair care allow you to cater to the myriad of markets & customer needs you see on a daily basis whilst the Sapphire Ice styling collection will have your back in salon & provide a simple & effective at home styling routine for your customers – kimdec is Queensland Largest distributor of Affinage


Why we love it: Every time we use an Elgon low ammonia colour we are blown away by the results, it truly hits the mark each & every time. Elgon offers 100% grey coverage & it’s micro pigment formulations gives you a great concentration of active colour. The colour is backed up by a professional back bar range unlike any other & it really gives you an added edge to your colour services. Elgon will keep youR customers coming back for more with a retail range that provides serious quality & style. We are massive supporters of this range & highly recommend having a chat with one of our brand ambassadors to find out more


Why we love it: The original & still the greatest… Loved & trusted by celebrities world wide including Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Hawkins, & beyonce for good reason.The entire Moroccanoil range embodies this golden elixir, from the rich nourishing masks to the powerful & delicate hairspray, this range will guarantee runway results. The MoroccanOil collection has a solution for all hair types & remains a true professional brand. Discover the performance behind the headlines for yourself & watch your retail sales boom


Why we love it: Being a Queensland based company Blondes are everything! Majority of our staff are blonde, our customers are blonde, their customers are blonde so as you can understand, a blonding system with truly brilliant results is high on our radar. The clean, shiney, healthy results Be Blonde brings to the market are results that no one else is offering. The short story is that they have piled a heap of technology into the range to ensure things like shine, elastin & collagen but we seem to think it’s the added Inca Oil with restructuring and anti-aging properties that really work to get hair in better condition then before the application.


Why we love it: Brushes are a staple of every woman & childs daily routine yet we’ve rarely had a game changer over the last few years. Tangle Teezer has breathed life into the tangling market & salons worldwide are reeping the rewards. The patent design gives just the right about of flex in the bristles to detangle hair without tugging on the knots. These clever & colourful little bristles dont pull & stretch the hair so the hair thats left in the brish will be mainly natural fall out. Not only do they help prevent fall out but they help promote growth! Again, these clever bristle have just the right amount of flex to message the scalp & help promote blood flow & stimulation to the scalp.


Why we love it: H2D are our homegrown hero’s, a innovative electrical supplier whose conception was born in Queensland. Like most great things, the solution was driven by a need, this particular need was to fill a gap in the market that gave professional hairdressers seriously good quality tools that they can rely on in salon & be able to retail with great mark ups. For us, H2D fits that market perfectly, offering an innovative product with the latest technology & all the mod cons whilst being priced reasonably with great room for a retail price


Why we love it: To us, wahl is a essential brand for the hairdressing industry & there is good reason why. Year upon year, model after next, wahl constantly improve the technology, build stronger, quieter, energy efficient motors, sleek new designs & user friendly functionality. Some of our customers have had the same pair of wahl clippers for more then 15 years which goes to show the quality when they are properly maintained & get a little TLC.


Why we love it: Australia has a great reputation world wide for producing quality hairdressers & products & Toyo is a fine representation of that. Designed for maximum comfort, these hand crafted scissors feature a clamshell blade edge & most models are designed to be offset and/or with a swivel finger loop. All models are made from quality metals from the highest quality japanese steel to cobalt alloy to damascus steel combined with super gold! These scissors are beautiful & with an extensive range to choose from, there’s a pair for everyone.